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Why choose Interactive Tutors ?

Our speciality

Exam preparation and tutoring in Maths


All of our Math tutors have great knowledge and experience in various exam types such as IGCSE, IB, SAT and more.
They also all have been trained by our course coordinator Francky who has more than 15 years experience in the Math tutoring industry.

Interactive Tutors is looking for new tutors (in Maths and Science) familiar with IB, IGCSE curriculum.

Please send us your resume and availability to submit your application.


3 reasons to learn with us

I:Interactive learning atmosphere


Our centre provides an interactive learning atmosphere with suitable materials, comfortable class environment and on-line tools to interact with students and keep their focus.

II : Tailor made classes


Our main focus is on developing students' overall competence and making their learning effective, methodical and easy to understand.

III : Experienced and professional tutors


Our  tutors have great teaching experience and are passionate about students progress.

Our courses



Interactive Tutors provides experienced tutoring lessons to help the students achieving the best result in the subject of their choice (Math, Science, English, French, Spanish)

Exam prep lessons


The exam preparation (for IGCSE, IB, SAT, HKDSE, A-level and more) is designed for students who are going to take an exam which help them to achieve the best possible results.

Semi-private & groups


Private lessons are designed for those who would like to have tailor made content. Lessons are customised course materials to meet personal and professional needs.

Online Lessons

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People can learn from anywhere in the world. ​Students can practice exam type exercices with a virtual board during live online lesson.


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Learn effectively with us

I. Methodical Learning


Learning methodically can help students to understand difficult concepts and applying them in various contexts.
We believe that fully understanding concepts will achieve great results.

Method is the first step to success.

II. Interactive demonstration and imitation


Demonstrating how to use and apply a new concept or method can help students for future practice.
At first, student will imitate the process and become familiar with the methodology.

Observation is the key.

III. Systematic practice


Understanding a concept is one thing, but the importance of practice is not to be underestimated.
Through various exercises types (exam format), the student will be able to practice and be better prepared.

More practice = more confidence.

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Our students



Francky is an outstanding maths tutor. He explains things clearly and concisely and when Imogen is confused and uncertain about anything taught at school, he is able to clarify any issues/ problems she has understanding the topic immediately.

He is also caring and supportive and goes the extra mile all the time to try to support Imogens learning.

Francky is one of the best tutors Imogen has ever had.

- Imogen, Y10 student

Francky has allowed me to become considerably more comfortable in topics with which I previously struggled and his lessons are very engaging. He is clear and articulate in his teaching which makes learning very enjoyable.

- Daphné (mother of Rainier), Y10 student at German Swiss International School

Cameron enjoys his lessons with Francky. Cameron says  Francky is very good at explaining difficult math concepts making it easy to understand. Francky teaches helpful ways to solves problems by showing shortcuts or simplifications. Cameron has become more confident in his math abilities and Francky is approachable and is helpful when Cameron has any questions.

The lessons have been a tremendous help.

- Kelly (mother of Cameron), Y8 student at German Swiss International School

What I like about Francky is how he is fantastic at explaining difficult topics, and breaking them down so they are easier to understand. He is also very methodical in his approach and teaches alternative perspectives about how to go about problems which is very helpful. He is an excellent teacher!

- Jon, Y8 student at German Swiss International School

Francky is a great maths teacher who has given me confidence throughout secondary school, IGCSE, and now IB. He is very detailed and organized — he even created an entire spreadsheet mapping out all the IB course content to track my progress and ensure that everything is covered. He explains things clearly yet efficiently, meaning we can cover a wide breadth of material in just a few lessons. Overall, Francky's teaching method really works for me, and because of it, I am always one step ahead of the school (even as an IB HL student, which is saying a lot.)

- Natalie, 1st year IB student at German Swiss International School